F1 Fingerprinting Burlington - 2349 Fairview St, Unit 212, Burlington, ON L7R 2E3

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Fingerprints sent to RCMP for Criminal Record Verification

We use LiveScan digital fingerprinting technology that allows us to take and submit civil fingerprints electronically to the RCMP.

Duration: 15 minutes

Fingerprints on FD-258 for FBI Records

In order to get an FBI Identity History Summary Check (a.k.a US police certificate) for various reasons, the FBI requires applicants’ fingerprints to be sent to them on their fingerprint form (ie. the FD-258) form.

Duration: 15 minutes

Ink Fingerprinting

Ink fingerprints are taken with ink so the fingerprinting impression can be rolled or pressed onto a paper form.

Duration: 30 minutes

Fingerprints on C-216c form for foreign countries Criminal Record Verification

There are some countries which do not accept the C-216c fingerprint forms. If you are not sure, please call 289-922-9669 for more details.

Duration: 15 minutes

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